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About Us

On average, a person takes more than 20 pictures and selfies a day. But how many do you really keep or even enjoy over time? In the previous century, painting a portrait was long, and many couple pop art and animal portraits are still in our galleries as a home decoration. In a Zportrait, we combine a historical portrait and your face because we believe you deserve to keep at least one portrait that counts. It could be for decoration or just a personalised gift, but definitely you will love it!

Zportrait is owned by ScribbleMagicLab GmbH. We are a team of designers who have decided to extend their offering beyond the kids’ drawing world. We started in 2017 with the idea to sublimate the children’s artwork into an personalized gifts. After couple of years, we have decided to create a new website, always related to home décor and gift ideas but more focused on portrait on canvas.

We pay attention to quality.  We are a very European company. Based in Switzerland, our designers are guaranteeing the “Swiss Qualitative” in their daily work. The products are high quality canvas built and printed in Germany. For the gifts, the products are produced in Netherland.

Painting couple portrait


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