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What photos are applicable for Zportrait?
Zportrait accepts all photos but better the quality of the photo is, better the outcome will be. But no worries, if we face some issues because of the quality of your photo, we will contact you before starting.

How do you paint the portraits?
We are a talented team of designers based in Switzerland. Our team digital paints each of the portrait to make sure it looks perfect.

What will be the angle of the face on the portrait?
For a pop art portrait, we will use the same orientation than on the photo. For the others, the orientation will be like it is on the illustration. In that respect, we suggest to send a photo with somehow a similar orientation.

Can Zportrait place 2 photos on the same personalized product?
Yes we can. Please choose a duo/group picture and the option will be available.

Are modifications possible?
Please tell us if you have any specific wish during the ordering process. Once, the order is done, we won’t be able to make any modification. Our artists are very talented and we will make sure that you like the outcome

What is the estimated delivery time?
At the order, the estimated delivery time is mentioned. It takes usually 2 of days to design the image and then couple days more to arrive to your place.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver our product everywhere in Europe, Switzerland and USA. If you are in another country, please send us an email and we will make it possible too.

Where do you produce the portraits and gifts?

Our designers are based in Switzerland and we are producing high quality canvas in Germany (hand-made).