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Terms and Conditions at Zportrait

The Zportrait site and all related rights are the property of ScribbleMagicLag GmbH, a company registered in Zurich, Switzerland. All copies, even partial copies, are prohibited without the explicit consent of a legal representative of ScribbleMagicLab.


We digital paint your portrait on different canvas models. We make sure the canvas looks like it would have be painted today.

1. These terms and conditions apply to your orders.

Thank you for reading the full terms and conditions, as they apply to all your orders with us. By sending your digital data and photos or by clicking on the “I order / place the order” button (or similar) in our ordering tool, you signify your acceptance of the Zportrait terms of sales.

2. Consent to use your data.

Zportrait collects and uses your personal data under the Swiss law.By accepting these terms and conditions of sales, you also agree to the use of this personal data.

The original photo will be used by us as part of your order, will be stored for the creation and for marketing reasons, the outcome (original photo and digital paint canvas) may be used or displayed by Zportrait at any time on the site and / or on any media and / or social media.

3. Object

The terms and conditions of sales here present the framework and terms in which Zportrait uses your personal data, sells personalized objects with children’s drawings sublimated by our studios. They also dictate the obligations of the parties involved in purchases on this website.

Zportrait reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time by writing a new version on the website. In this case, the terms and conditions of sales that apply are those of the date of the order.

4. Products and Prices

Our selection of products is constantly adapted. You can find our current selection of products and prices on our website Special promotions are possible.

Zportrait ensures that the information on the website is valid but we remain dependent on the nature and quality of the information provided.

Prices are in Euros today but this could evolve going forward (Swiss Franc and USD). The prices include the designer’s work and the objects in question but in no case the shipping costs.

Prices include VAT at rates in line with the legal authority in force.

5. Order

As soon as our team  receives your drawings, the work begins. Orders will be confirmed immediately by email to your email address.

Since multiple producers are used, multiple orders can be split and objects sent separately.

In some cases, we retain the right to refuse orders and without having to justify the reasons for the decision.

While your order is running, If it turns out that the images sent do not comply with the law, your order will not succeed.

Our team of designers will do their best to propose the best sublimated design within 48 hours but in case of large influx, an additional delay is possible. You will be informed regularly about the status of the order.

The customer has 48 hours to accept the sublimated design proposed by our team or ask for a modification. Beyond this deadline and without specific instructions, the submited design will be considered as valid and accepted by the customer.

Knowing that we have many different products, production times vary from 2-10 working days once the sublimated design accepted by the customer. Additional delays are possible depending on the availability of the product.

6. Transport

No products are stored. All ordered products are sent to production as soon as the images are designed. The products on the website are offered in limited stock available. If our suppliers can no longer meet the demand, our commitment will stop and Zportrait will contact you to inform you and reimburse you.

Delivery times start once the product is sent. In case of delay, the order is not canceled.

Transport is the responsibility of the transport company. The customer is responsible for checking the contents of the delivery upon arrival and making the necessary claims. Complaints must be made within a maximum of 3 days.

The transport costs are revealed during the validation of the order.

The customer is obliged to give a valid address in the chosen geographical area at the beginning. The purchaser is solely responsible for delivery problems if the indications related to the address or the name are incorrect and / or elements are missing.

Zportrait retains the right to send goods separately if required.

If the order is multiple and these objects have different production times, the delivery time may also be longer than indicated.

7. Payment Terms

Online orders must be paid in accordance with the terms and conditions posted on our homepage. This may vary from country to country. Your choice of a method of payment gives Zportrait permission to collect the sums due. In the event of default, Zportrait may claim reimbursement of any bank costs and penalties incurred.

The payment is immediately made at the time of the order and is not related to the proposal of the sublimated design and / or its acceptance. According to the law, the amount paid by the customer is a commitment of the customer and can not be refunded.

8. Property Rights and Intellectual Property

All photos and illustrations remain the property of Zportrait, ScribbleMagicLab GmbH. The customer may not use the canvas produced for commercial purposes without the prior direct consent of a Zportrait executive.

For marketing reasons, Zportrait retains the right to use downloaded photos and designs on the website and / or any other social media and marketing support.

The object remains the property of Zportrait, ScribbleMagicLab GmbH until the moment the order amount (VAT included) has been cashed.

All information, photos, images, films, data, graphics, drawings and texts are the property of Zportrait.

No copying is permitted without a direct and explicit agreement of Zportrait.

9. Return of item – cancellation

Because the products are customized, the customer can not ask Zportrait to take back the products. Once the design is done, the client can no longer reject and / or change his / her opinion on the product ordered.

10. Responsabilites

Zportrait is responsible for the fulfillment of its obligations related to the purchase of the object.

But Zportrait, ScribbleMagicLab  may be released from its responsibilities in whole or in part if the non-performance of the contract or erroneous execution was due to the buyer or problems related to a third party or exceptional event.

11. Law in force

The contractual relationship between the customer and ScribbleMagicLab (Zportrait) is governed by the Swiss federal law. The courts of Zurich will be the courts applicable in case of dispute related to a contract. If one or more of the elements constituting these terms and conditions of sale were to become or become invalid or inoperative, this shall in no way affect the remaining provisions. The invalidity or the ineffective provision will be replaced by the valid provision that responds as much as possible to the intention. This also applies to any default in these provisions.